Below are a few common questions and answers that address domain names, web hosting, building websites, graphic design, and other services.

Q: Do I need a Domain Name? (ex:

A: Yes. Your domain name is your website address and without it you have no website.

Q: How do I get a Domain Name?
A: Through any domain registrar, like google, godaddy, bluehost, network solutions.

Q: Does AZ Web Designs offer Domain Names?
A: No. But we are happy to purchase one for you and set it up.

Q: What settings need changing in my Domain Name Account?
A: The DNS "A Record" IP address needs to be changed to our server IP address.


Q: Do I need Web Hosting?
A: Yes. The web host is the server your website lives on, and is accessible to the internet.

Q: Does AZ Web Designs offer Web Hosting?
A: Yes. But only to our website clients. We Do Not offer hosting packages to the public.

Q: Are AZ Web Designs Servers as good as the popular hosting companies?
A: Yes, and much better. Not only are our servers configured better, our internet connection is an amazing 40GB!

Q: What if I already have web hosting?
A: No problem. You can continue to use it, or we'll switch your site over to our servers. a) some older sites cannot migrate to our servers. b) your hosting might not run our rebuild of your site. c) we always recommend switching to our servers and rebuilding the website. Our servers are better than anything you are currently using. We Guarantee It!
Migration and/or new setup is Free with a website rebuild.

Q: After the free first year of web hosting, how much do you charge?
A: Your first year is free (with a new website build), and then $100/year after.

Q: What content do you need from me to get started building a new website?
A: You are responsible for providing us All Content for your website. This includes; text, images, logos, descriptions, documents, audio/video, and any other content you want to see on your website. We Do Not develop content, unless pre-arranged.

Q: What should I expect from AZ Web Designs when building my website?
A: We take the content you provide and create the best site possible. Content is "key", and your website will only be as good as the content you provide. We handle all the layouts, styles, designs, graphics, and functionality. Once you become a client, you have our 100% commitment and lifetime support.

Q: Do you require a down payment?
A: Yes. A deposit of 1/2 the total is required before any work will begin. The remainder of the balance is due at the completion of your project.

Q: Is there a difference between your Online Quote and a formal quote?
A: Maybe. The online quote is only meant to give you a relatively close estimate of the cost. This may or may not be the final amount depending on what is discussed in follow-up communications.

Q: What is the time frame for building a new website?
A: Depending on the scope of the project, it can be as little as 2 weeks. Once we know the full details of your website, we'll have a better estimate. Generally, the quicker you provide us with content, the faster your new website gets built.

Q: Are your websites Mobile and SEO Friendly?
A: Yes. We build websites based on "responsive layouts" that automatically adapt for mobile, tablet, and desktop. For SEO (search engine optimization) we are highly skilled at coding the proper information to get your website ranked on Google and other search engines.


Q: What are my options for website updates?
A: We offer 3 primary plans. 1) We handle all of your updating. 2) You handle all of your updating (you'll receive detailed instructions and tutorial). 3) A combination of both.

Q: What update plan do you recommend?
A: This is unique for each website. For instance, if you have a basic informational site that doesn't change content very often (less than once a month), then we prefer to do all of your updates (plan 1). If you have a site that requires daily or weekly updates, then we prefer for you to make the updates (plan 2), and we'll show you exactly how. Most websites require a combination of both (plan 3), where you handle the basic edits and we handle the more complex ones. Typically you're able to edit all basic content sections of the site, but some special areas need our attention.

Q: How do I update my website?
A: Very easily thanks to our custom CMS user login system. When building your new website we also build in a custom user area where you can login and choose what you'd like to edit. It's extremely easy to use, and is the perfect solution for some of our clients. Please note that only certain areas of your website are editable by you.

Q: How do I register as a new client?
A: You need a code, and will receive the Registration Code with instructions via email.

Q: What is the Client Portal?
A: Our AZWD Client Portal is a backend content upload feature where you upload content into folders. Each folder is a website page on your site, and holds all of your submitted content in one place and organized. You simply upload files into these folders, and we use them to build your website. It's a great service we offer and helps everyone stay organized.

Q: Does the portal allow me to upload all my files into folders?
A: Yes. You have full control over your folders and files; create, delete, upload, edit, ect...

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